In 2016, King Pacific Corporation (KPC) started a commercial lobster fishing business. In the same year, KPC acquired with King of the Crawl (KOTC), a Southern California-based lobster and crab gear manufacturer. KOTC is renown for developing Gooch Juiceā„¢, a very effective lobster, crab and bottom fish attractant. In summer 2017, KPC expanded the retail product offering with the launch of Zombie Baits US, a consumer freshwater fishing brand with an assortment of exclusive products for North and Latin America retail. Zombie Baits allows anglers to use REAL, natural bait without the hassle of refrigeration. Zombie Baits are more durable, cost-effective and convenient than live bait fishing. 

The products developed by KPC brands are differentiated and address common consumer pain points by improving the fishing experience on rivers, lakes, streams, and the sea.

On April 30, 2018, KPC will be featured on Informed, hosted by actor, Rob Lowe. Informed gives a behind the scenes look at KPC's origin, brands and position on responsible fishing practices. The program will air on over 200 public TV stations across America. Earlier in April, a national commercial for Zombie Baits began airing on major cable networks during prime time nationwide. This piece will air over 400 times over the course of a year. Already, KPC has seen positive results from just a couple of airings. 

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